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CSI Limericks

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These wonderful limericks orgininated from Elyse's CSI Message Board and are used by permission of the posters. Do not post to other sites without permission.
Limerick by allmaple
there once was a csi named nicky
who found his job quite tricky
his girlfriend died
his boss told him lies
what will become of poor nicky?
Limericks by Lisa H.
There once was a bugman named Grissom
Who was very handsome and lissome;
When he wears his specs
the whole female sex
Just wants to grab Grissom and kiss 'im.
There once was a woman named Anna
Who wanted to move to Montana.
She really liked cows
and knew all her vowels
And wanted to be just like Vanna.
There once was a young man named Warrick
An expert in all things forensic.
He's teamed up with Cath
so you do the math
Will he be her next lovestruck vic?
 flew on a jet out to Vegas
to try to sell my rutabagas;
but when I arrived
I only had five
so I gave them to Officer Vega.
I flew on a jet to Milwaukee
to eat chicken wings teriyaki
as I swallowed my beer
what did I overhear?
Mary Crystal's preparing some gnocchi.
I flew on a jet to New York
to buy Sara Sidle some pork;
I gave her my gift
but she seemed quite miffed
and chased me around with her fork.
Limericks by Betty
She asked Grissom out on a date.
He said, "Sara, my dear, you're too late."
II"ve got Heather for breakfast,
Sophia for lunch
And I'm picking up Catherine at eight."
The corpse was a gambler named Harry.
The suspect was Harry's wife, Mary.
Would Mary have shot
Harry? Catherine thought not.
But Gris was inclined to be wary.
Sara and Greg on a case
Found leather and bloodstained black lace
Sar thought it looked kinky
But Greg said it was hinky.
The corpse was an old nun named Grace
Limericks by Shane
Ecklie sure is a stickler
Who fell onto Sara and kissed her
Sara went "yuck"
And Ecklie said "what"
Boy was that quite a picture!!
Sara sure was a whiner
Although she sure was a 'finer
Her love for Grissom
Was from her wise wisdom
So she had to walk up and kiss 'im.

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