Modern Day Sherlock

Character Bio's

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William Petersen- Gil Grissom
Marg Helgenberger- Catherine Willows
Gary Dourdan- Warrick Brown
George Eads- Nick Stokes
Jorja Fox- Sara Sidle
Eric Szmanda- Greg Sanders
Robert David Hall- Dr. Al Robbins
Paul Guilfoyle- Brass

Gil Grissom-(Graveyard Shift Supervisor)--- head of the Las Vegas Crime Lab's graveshift crew. He was the youngest coroner in L.A. County at the age of 22, eight years later, he was recruited to the field service in the Las Vegas Police Department. Grissom has helped for the last 15 years make the crime lab go from #14 to #2 in the crime lab ratings.
Catherine Willows-(Swingshift Supevisor)--- before becomming a CSI, Catherine worked as an exotice dancer. Divorcing her husband, Eddie and being a signle parent of her daughter, Lindsay, Catherine has made her way up to being the Swingshift Supervisor.
Warrick Brown-(Swingshift)--- Warrick had a serious gambling problem, and had to stop it or he could have lost his job. When he was a kid, Warrick was a casino runner. Not only that, but Warrick was also a grave digger.
Nick Stokes-(Swing Shift)--- Nick is a Texan with a smile. Nick made his way to Vegas after being a citizen of the Police Force in Texas. The last child in a family of seven, Nick has made his way from a CSI Level One, to a CSI Level 3.
Sara Sidle (Graveyard Shift)---- this CSI has had to overcome obstacles and emotional trails in her life. After her mother killed her father, Sara ended up in Foster Care for several years. Grissom recruited her after Holly Gribbs was shot and killed.
Greg Sanders- (Graveyard Shift)---Greg has made his way from a Lab Tech to a field CSI. Greg's spunky attitude somewhat annoys his supervisor, Grissom.
Dr. Robbins- (Coroner)--- Medical Examiner for the Las Vegas Police Department.
David Hodges- David Hodges was a prior employee of the Los Angeles crime Lab. After being moved to Las Vegas, Hodges applied at the LVPD Crime Lab as a Trace Anlalyst. With his rudeness and stuborness, Hodges makes his name known.
Brass- (Detective)--- Homicide Detective.
Sofia Curtis: Prior to becoming a detective, Sofia worked as a CSI supervisor, then being demoted to Grissom's sidekick.
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Reaccuring Characters
David Berman- David Phillips
Aisha Tyler- Mia Dickerson
Louise Lombard- Sofia Curtis
Marc Vann- Conrad Ecklie
Gerald McCullouch- Bobby Dawson
Romy Rosemont- Jacqui Franco
Archie Kao- Archie Johnson
Alex Carter- Detective Vartan
Madison McReynolds- Lindsey Willows
Geoffrey Rivas- Detective Sam Vegas
Jose Zuniga- Detective Cavaliere
Joseph Patrick Kelly- Officer Metcalf

Nick Stokes and Sofia Curtis
(L)George Eads (R) Louise Lombard