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I am Shane, a teenage viewer of 'CSI.' The first episode that I saw was Season one's "Gentle, Gentle" at my grandmother's home. I was 8 years old and I pretended that the series did not go with my "standards." After the episode aired I went into my room and watched another episode that followed ("Sex, Lies & Larvae".) Now I am a #1 FAN!!! I have met William Petersen, who plays Gil Grissom, Jorja Fox who plays Sara Sidle, Executive Producer Josh Berman and Deran Sarafian, director and Producer of 'CSI: New York" I have merchandise from the series, as well as being in the Press Enterprise. newspaper for my knowledge and love for the series.
I am now 13 years old and in the entertainment industry. I just finished my first motion picture,  Dishdogz, starring Luke Perry and Haylie Duff , a video, entitled Kid Billy and a TV Movie, 'Santa Jr.' You can also see me on Zoey 101 later this year. (2005) I also write scripts for Pilots and my favorite TV Show, 'CSI.'
In 2002, I won the 2002 AngelSoft Angels In Action Award, where I won $5,000  and a trip to Hollywood, where I met Kelly Ripa I have a passion for helping diabled children, where I was nominated by three teachers.
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