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Premiered: October 06, 2000
In the first episode of the series, Gil Grissom, a crime scene investigator, working in Vegas, investigates a death of a mna found dead in a bath-tub? Was it a homicide or suicide? The investigation reveals the cause. Holly Gribbs joins the Las Vegas Crime Lab graveyard-shift.

Created by: Anthony Zuiker
Written by: Anthony Zuiker
Directed by: Danny Cannon

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Cool Change
Premiered: October 13, 2000
Grissom and Nick look into the death of a man who previously before dying won a casino jackpot. Grissom brings in friend Sara Sidle from San Francisco to look into the situation of Holly Gribbs.

Written by: Anthony Zuiker
Directed by: Michael Watkins

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Crate 'n' Burial
Premiered: October 20, 2005
Time is of the essence when a millionaire's wife goes missing. Catherine and Warrick look into the death of a six year old girl, who was hit by a car.

Written by: Ann Donahue
Directed by: Danny Cannon

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Pledging Mr.
Today's Specials
When a leg is found in a lake, Grissom and Catherine investigate what happen. Sara and Nick look into a death at a college dorm. Warrick calls in some help to deal with a problem with Judge Cohen.

Written by: Josh Berman and Anthony Zuiker
Directed by: R.J. Lewis

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Friends and
Premiered: November 03, 2000
Grissom's emotions begin to set out when a teenager is found dead in the middle of the desert, and cause of death is realted to an illegal drug. Nick and Catherine dwelve into the death of a Dean in a colleagues room. Meanwhile, Sara finds a wrapped body in a dumpster, but had been buried previously.

Written by: Andrew Lipsitz
Directed by: Lou Antonio

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Who Are You?
Premiered: November 10, 2000
 Grissom and Nick investigate a crime commited five years ago, Sara and Warrick get on the police force's bad side, and Cath reveals she still has feelings for her ex-husband Eddie after taking a case against him.

Written by: Carol Mendelsohn and Josh Berman
Directed by: Danny Cannon

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Blood Drops
Premiered: November 17, 2000
The entire team focuses on a grisly mass murder in a suburban home. Four family members are brutally butchered with a kitchen knife while they sleep. The only survivors are the family's two daughters: 18-year-old Tina and 4-year-old Brenda, the latter who is too traumatized to talk.

Teleplay by: Ann Donahue
Story by: Trish McCarthy
Directed by: Kenneth Fink

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