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Season 6 Episode Guide

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January 03 - #708 Happenstance (R)
January 10 - #811 Bull (N)
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Bodies in Motion
Premiered: September 22, 2005
In the Season Premiere, the CSI teams come back together under the leadership of Grissom, to solve the case of an explosion at a trailer park. Further investigation leads Catherine and Warrick to work another scene, a girl found with a bag over her head. Sofia returns back to Las Vegas to return to the job as a detective.

Teleplay by: Naren Shankar
Story by: Naren Shankar and Carol Mendelsohn
Directed by: Richard J. Lewis

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Room Service
Premiered: September 29, 2005
When a taxi cab driver is found dead behind the wheel of his taxi, Grissom follows the investigation while Catherine continues to work anoother aspect of the same scene. Sara follows leads of evidence while she continues the original taxi cab scene, as Warrick and Nick investigate the death of an up-and-coming movie star.
Written by: Dustin Lee Abraham and Henry Alonso Myers.
Directed by: Kenneth Fink

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Bite Me
Premiered: October 06, 2005
The CSI teams works together to investigate the death of Becky Lester, a wife who is found dead on the bottom of a flight of stairs after spending the night in the backyard with her husband.

Teleplay by: Josh Berman
Story by: Josh Berman and Carol Mendelsohn
Directed by: Jeffrey Hunt

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Shooting Stars
Premiered:October 13, 2005
A middle of the night break-in at a suburban home on the edge of the Vegas desert leads the CSIs to discover an abandoned military compound being used to house a small cult. Once inside, they discover a mass suicide has taken place. However, with 11 bodies and 12 beds, Grissom surmises that the killer may be the one body missing.
(Source: The Futon Critic )
Written by: Danny Cannon
Directed by: Danny Cannon


Gum Drops
Premiered: October 21, 2005
When blood evidence suggests only three people were killed, Nick is the only one on the CSI team that believes the fourth family member, the young daughter, is still alive. Now, it's a race against time to find the perpetrators who may lead the CSIs to a possible survivor.
(Source: The Futon Critic)
Written by: Sarah Goldfinger
Directed by: Richard J. Lewis


Secrets and Flies
Premiered: November 03, 2005
The CSI team uncovers evidence in the investigation of a young mother's suicide that proves that the woman's newborn baby was not her biological child -- in fact, she was still technically a virgin at the time of her death. If the team discovers how the child was conceived, the answer may lead them to a killer. Meanwhile, Grissom is called into court to refute expert witness testimony from a suspected manipulator of evidence.
Written by: Josh Berman
Directed by: Terrence O'Hara


A Bullet Runs Through It
Premiered: November 10, 2005
Part 1 of 2.
A routine traffic stop turns into a wild police chase through the streets of Las Vegas, resulting in the death of a police officer. When all is finished, the crime scene stretches for miles and the CSIs face an avalanche of ballistic evidence in order to find the real killer of the police officer who died on the scene. Grissom fears the officer may have been the victim of "friendly fire" and not the drug criminals they were chasing.
(Source: The Futon Critic)
Written by: Richard Catalani & Carol Mendelsohn
Directed by: Danny Cannon


A Bullet Runs Through It
Premiered: November 17, 2005
Part 2 of 2
When a wild police chase of drug smugglers through the streets of Las Vegas leaves an officer killed, the CSIs suspect that the cop killed in the line of duty was shot by one of his fellow officers.
Written by: Richard Catalani & Carol Mendelsohn
Directed by: Kenneth Fink


Dog Eat Dog
Premiered: November 24, 2005

Grissom and his team must take their clues from what the man ate in order to identify his cause of death, which leads them into the world of competitive eating. Meanwhile, Nick and Sara investigate the suspicious death of a couple attacked and killed by their seemingly sweet dog. (Source: The Futon Critic)

Written by: Dustin Lee Abraham & Allen MacDonald
Directed by: Duane Clark


Still Life
Premiered: December 08, 2005
Without substantial evidence, the CSIs begin to wonder if a kidnapping actually took place at all. But when the child turns up unharmed at a local convenience store with a couple claiming to be his parents, Grissom and his team must use what little forensic evidence is available to solve the mystery of what actually happened to the first mother's son.
(Source: The Futon Critic)
Written by: David Rambo
Directed by: Richard J. Lewis



Premiering: January 05, 2006
A woman gives birth to two children with excessive, werewolf-like body hair then abandons them. Years later she turns up when one of them is murdered.
(Source: The Futon Critic )

Written by: Josh Berman
Directed by: Kenneth Fink


Daddy's Little Girl
Premiered: January 19, 2006
At first, Grissom and his team suspect that the man was murdered by his girlfriend after she discovered him cheating. However, the case takes a surprising twist when the identity of the other woman with whom the young man had been having an affair is revealed.


Kiss-Kiss, Bye-Bye

Premiered: January 26, 2006

A case in forensics becomes a case in Vegas' history when a well-connected, sexy ex-showgirl with ties to the mob hosts a party that results in the murder of one of her guests. The suspects are virtually a who's who from yesteryear, but the case holds a personal connection for Catherine as her father, Sam Braun, emerges as one of the prime suspects.

(Source: The Futon Critic)

Written by: David Rambo
Directed by: Danny Cannon


Premiered: February 02, 2006
The CSIs investigate two deaths, both linked to the same suspect. As the evidence starts to overlap, the CSI team begins to move in on the murderer.

Teleplay by: Naren Shankar and Dustin Lee Abraham
Story by: Erik Saltzgaber
Directed by: Kenneth Fink


Pirates of the Third Reich
Premieres: February 09, 2006
When the body of a young woman is found half-buried in the desert outside of Vegas, Grissom teams up with Lady Heather (Melinda Clarke) to discover the cause of the victim's unusual death. The mystery deepens when the CSIs discover that the woman was participating in a clinical study where doctors performed experiments for sleep deprivation.
Written by: Jerry Stahl
Directed by: Richard J. Lewis


Up In Smoke
Premiered: March 02, 2006
Sara and Catherine work the case of a dead body found in a chimney.

Written by: Josh Berman
Directed by: Duane Clark


I Like to Watch
Premiered: March 09, 2006
A serial rapist with a foot fetish cons his way into young women's apartments by setting off smoke bombs in hallways and pretending to be a fireman.  The cops (Brass and Sofia) and CSIs (Grissom, Catherine, Sara, Nick, and Greg--possibly Warrick though he's not in the script pages available) agree to let a crime show producer film every step of the investigation, "to put a face on crime."  
(Source: The Futon Critic )

Written by: Richard Catalani & Henry Alonso Myers
Directed by: Kenneth Fink


The Unusual Suspect
Premiered: March 30, 2006

A sister's stunning courtroom confession throws her brother's guilt into question. Blindsided, the CSIs must race to re-examine the case's evidence in order to determine which sibling is telling the truth, but begin to suspect that a more sinister scheme may be at work.

(Source: The Futon Critic )

Written by: Allen MacDonald
Directed by: Alec Smight


Premiered: April 06, 2006

During a "reading" with two young women, the psychic begins to see visions of her own murder instead of information pertaining to her clients. When she is later found dead in her occult shop, it is up to the CSI team to determine her true cause of death. Greg, who reveals to Grissom that an expertise in the "occult" runs in his family, suspects greater forces may be responsible for the woman's demise, but Grissom steadfastly maintains that science will always crack the case in the end.

(Source: The Futon Critic )

Written by: Jacqueline Hoyt
Directed by: Jeffrey Hunt


Poppin' Tags
Premiered: April 13, 2006

The investigation of three teens killed while promoting a rapper's new album leads the CSI team into the world of rival rappers Jessie "Dollar" Cleveland (Page Kennedy) and Hi-Def (Travis Barker), each of whom will do anything to promote themselves and destroy the other. The CSI's suspect that Dollar's sidekick "Drops" (Method Man), Hi-Def's right-hand woman J-Lady (Shanna Moakler), or Marcus, a Las Vegas auto dealer (Rick Gonzalez), may hold the key to solving the case.

(Source: The Futon Critic )

Written by: Dustin Lee Abraham
Directed by: Bryan Spicer


Premiered: April 27, 2006

At first, the CSIs surmise that whoever took Nick's car must also have killed the groom's mother. However, as they retrace their steps and gather new evidence, the team begins to suspect that someone in the bridal party may be responsible for this "not so happily ever after" occasion.

Written by: Sarah Goldfinger
Directed by: Kenneth Fink