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Bullets and Chaos Next Week on CSI

November 03, 2005

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Posted by Shane Saunders 12: 32 P.M., 11-03-05
On November 10th, CSI will air part-one of a two-part episode!
"Bullets Run Through It" is scheduled to air next week, and CBS has described the first part as follows:
A routine traffic stop turns into a wild police chase through the streets of Las Vegas, resulting in the death of a police officer. When all is finished, the crime scene stretches for miles and the CSIs face an avalanche of ballistic evidence in order to find the real killer of the police officer who died on the scene. Grissom fears the officer may have been the victim of "friendly fire" and not the drug criminals they were chasing.
CSI's very own Carol Mendelsohn and Richard Catalani wrote the episode, with direction from Danny Cannon.
Who's in the episode? Well, the following actors are:
David Phillips: David Berman
Sophia Curtis: Louise Lombard
Detective Vartann: Alex Carter
Hodges: Wallace Langham
Bobby Dawson: Gerald McCullouch
Detective Ortega: Nestor Serrano
Detective Cavaliere: Jose Zuniga
Sergeant Carroll: Brennan Elliott
Office Davis: Colby French
Sergeant Adams: Steve Ryan
Officer Bell: Daniel Bess
SWAT Commander: Scott DeFoe
SWAT Officer: Lamont Thompson
Officer #1: Ty Upshaw
Undersheriff McKeen: Conor O’Farrell
Paramedic Fink: Mitchell W. Fink
Neighbor #2: Noe Gonzalez
Tomas Castillo: Jose Rosario
Rosa Cerna: Cynthia DeCure
Danilo: A Martinez
Mrs. Torres: Brenda Canela
April Torres: Ashlyn Sanchez
Officer #2: Barry Sigismondi
Stuckey’s Mother: Sophia Santi
Stuckey’s Brother: Seth Michaels
Tom Warden: Tom Warden
Nancy: Laurie Fortier
Man: Tonyo Melendez
Tracy: Bre Blair
Hooker: Diana Carreno
Geraldo: Josh Sinisterra
Officer Mitchell: Larry Mitchell
"A Bullet Runs Through It" will air next Thursday. For the original release, visit The Futon Critic