Modern Day Sherlock

Details for "Bite Me" Revealed

September 30, 2005

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Posted by Shane Saunders, 1:20 P.M., 09-30-05
CBS last week announced details for this week's episode, "Bite Me."
"Bite Me" will revolve around the theory of foul play, when a houseife is found dead at the bottom of her home' stairs. The overwhelming amount of blood evidence in the case leads Grissom and his team to discover several revealing secrets within this "typical" American marriage -- secrets of adultery, blackmail and a biting fetish that may have ultimately contributed to the housewife's death.
The episode was written by two of CSI's Executive Producers, Josh Berman and Carol Mendelsohn, with directing from Jeffrey Hunt.
This episode can also expect the following guest-cast to appear.
David Phillips: David Berman
Sophia Curtis: Louise Lombard
Hodges: Wallace Langham
Conrad Ecklie: Marc Vann
Archie Johnson: Archie Kao
ADA Jeffrey Sinclair: Erik Jensen
Henry Andrews: Jon Wellner
Ray Lester: Reed Diamond
Becky Lester: Abigail Spencer
Susan Lester: Skye McCole Bartusiak
Grandpa Stein: Alan Rachins
Adam Gilford: Seamus Dever
Ms. Karpell: Mary Jo Mrochinski
Dr. Jeri Cohen: Hudson Leick
Paramedic Bass: Jeff Bass
Paramedic Fink: Mitchell Fink
"Bite Me," will air this Thursday, September 29th. Head on over to The Futon Critic.