Modern Day Sherlock

Season 7 Episode Guide

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Built to Kill
Premiered: September 21, 2006
Part 1 of 2.
The CSIs investigate first-hand the behind-the-scenes action of Cirque du Soleil in order to determine what may have contributed to the young dancer's untimely death. Meanwhile, after Catherine and Nick visit a nightclub where John Mayer is performing, Catherine finds herself in jeopardy and must act as her own CSI in order to determine who may be targeting her and her family. Also, Grissom is perplexed after receiving an uncanny miniature replica of the crime scene he is investigating.
(Source: The Futon Critic)
Story by: Sarah Goldfinger
Teleplay by: David Rambo & Naren Shankar
Directed by: Kenneth Fink

Built to Kill
Premiered: September 28, 2006
Part 2 of 2.
Grissom is fascinated when every detail of the miniature is identical to that of the real crime scene, and he goes about trying to solve the case using the clues provided. Meanwhile, Catherine again finds herself -- and someone close to her -- in danger, and begins to suspect who may be responsible.

Teleplay by: Sarah Goldfinger & Naren Shankar
Story by: David Rambo
Directed by: Kenneth Fink

Toe Tags
Premiered: October 05, 2006
While Grissom leads a group of college students on a tour of CSI, the dead "speak" while the CSIs investigate, each narrating their own case: a dead casino security guard whose luck ran out, a wife who "fell" off a cliff while hiking with her husband, a war veteran murdered on his first day back from Iraq, and two neighbors whose encounter with a chainsaw ends badly.
Written by: Allen MacDonald & Carol Mendelsohn
Directed by: Jeffrey G. Hunt

Premiered: October 12, 2006

When an innocent man is brutally attacked and beaten to death by what looks like a monster in a black cape, the CSIs are called to investigate -- only to learn that a similar attack took place moments later. As the crime spree continues, the team follows the trail of evidence until Greg interrupts a beating in action and must make a difficult decision that could impact his life forever.

Written by: Dustin Lee Abraham
Directed by: Richard J. Lewis

Premiered: October 19, 2006

Following the evidence, the team uncovers a bizarre love triangle dating all the way back to high school that could reveal who is responsible for the woman's murder.

Written by: Marlane Gomard Meyer
Directed by: Michael Slovis

Burn Out
Premiered: November 02, 2006

When two young boys are reported missing, a known neighborhood sex offender is the primary suspect. In an attempt to extract his confession, Grissom asks for the pedophile's help in catching the boys' abductor. However, the case turns out to be much more complicated than Grissom or the rest of the CSI team ever expected.

Written by: Jacqueline Hoyt
Directed by: Alec Smight

Post Mortem
Premiered: November 09, 2006

When an elderly woman is murdered, the CSIs look to the neighbor and nephew as possible suspects. Mid-investigation, Grissom receives an exact miniature replica of the current crime scene, changing his thinking on the crime. Meanwhile, Greg faces an angry courtroom when he attends the hearing to ascertain his culpability in the death of the teenager he accidentally killed while defending himself against a mob.

Teleplay by: Dustin Lee Abraham & David Rambo
Story by: Naren Shankar
Directed by: Richard J. Lewis

Premiered: November 16, 2006

The evidence in both cases does not immediately prove a connection between the two deaths. However, as the CSIs dig deeper into the histories of the women, a surprising twist takes the investigation in a new direction.

Written by: Sarah Goldfinger
Directed by: Jean de Segonzac

Living Legend
Premiered: November 23, 2006

Grammy Award and Golden Globe Award nominee Roger Daltrey ("The Who Live, Featuring the Rock Opera Tommy," "Tommy"), the legendary lead singer of the rock group The Who, guest stars in a mystery role. After the mob boss's Cadillac mysteriously resurfaces in a Las Vegas lake and a photo turns up of the murder victims posing with him in the 1970s, the CSIs begin to investigate whether or not the notorious gangster, whose disappearance remains a mystery, might somehow be connected to the current killing spree in Las Vegas.

Teleplay by: Douglas Petrie
Story by: Douglas Petrie & Carol Mendelsohn
Directed by: Martha Coolidge

Loco Motives
Premiered: December 07, 2006

When the CSIs process clues at the poultry manufacturing plant, the evidence leads them to the home of a man who collects miniature trains and other miniature paraphernalia. Grissom and his team rush to link him to the other miniature killings, but a twist in the case could prevent them from gathering enough evidence to catch the killer.

Written by: Evan Dunsky
Directed by: Kenneth Fink