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CSI Team Goes 'Up in Smoke'

March 01, 2006

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Posted by Shane Saunders 12:18 P.M.
After reutrning from a two week hiatus, CSI returns with an episode that goes 'up in smoke.'
"Up in Smoke," which airs tomorrow, has been described as the following:

The CSIs determine that the body they have found was burned before it was dumped down the chimney, leading them to believe the murder was pre-meditated. During the processing of the home, Catherine and Warrick realize that this is the same address of an unsolved homicide of a young female teenager from a year ago, and re-open the investigation.

Josh Berman wrote the episode with direction from Duane Clark.

As to who guest-starring, you can read the full list below:

David Phillips: David Berman
Sophia Curtis: Louise Lombard
Hodges: Wallace Langham
Conrad Ecklie: Marc Vann
Wendy Simms: Liz Vassey
Mandy Webster: Sheeri Rappaport
Officer Clark: Jonny Miller
Duane McWane: William Allen Young
Martin Sidley: Jon Lindstrom
Joe Fitzgibbons: Scott William Winters
Tad Sidley: Johnny Lewis
Jonathan Wax: James Parks
Ken Richmond: Keir O'Donnell
Larry Smite: Nate Mooney
Caroline Fitzgibbons: Katie Gill
Angie: Jaime Lee Kirchner

For the original press release, please head on over to The Futon Critic

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