Modern Day Sherlock

Secrets and Flies in this Weeks New Episode!

October 28, 2005

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Posted by Shane Saunders, 11:45 P.M. 10-28-05
CBS recently released details in this week's new episode.
"Secrets and Flies" has been described as the following:
The CSI team uncovers evidence in the investigation of a young mother's suicide that proves that the woman's newborn baby was not her biological child -- in fact, she was still technically a virgin at the time of her death. If the team discovers how the child was conceived, the answer may lead them to a killer. Meanwhile, Grissom is called into court to refute expert witness testimony from a suspected manipulator of evidence.

This episode title was also going to be used in Season 5, but was taken off the CBS schedule. Terrence O'Hara, who has previously worked on the episode "4 X 4", directed the episode, with a script from veteran Josh Berman.

CSI continues with many guest-actors, including the following:

David Phillips: David Berman
Sophia Curtis: Louise Lombard
Hodges: Wallace Langham
Archie Johnson: Archie Kao
Conrad Ecklie: Marc Vann
Bobby Dawson: Gerald McCullouch
Officer Akers: Larry Sullivan
Judge Witherspoon: Tina Lifford
Adam Matthews: James Patrick Stuart
Jeffrey Sinclair: Erik Jensen
Professor Rambar: Tony Amendola
Carol Allred: Meredith Scott Lynn
Lana Adalian: Ashleigh Sumner
Christina Adalian: Amy Sloan
Under Sheriff McKeen: Conor O'Farrell
Mark Thayer: Jeffrey Nordling
Clerk: Laura James
Shop Manager: Tim Talman
Evan Peters: Tayler Sheridan
Duane McWane: William Allen Young
Wendy Simms: Liz Vassey
Henry Andrews: Jon Wellner
Rita Day: Yvette Nipar
Dr. Emily Ryan: Caroline Goodall
Kenli Johnson: Kristin Bauer
Sandra Walkey: Jenny O'Hara

"Secrets and Flies" will air this Thursday, November 3rd. For the original release, visit The Futon Critic.