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Details for this Week's "Shooting Stars"

October 07, 2005

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Posted by Shane Saunders 10:28 A.M., 10-07-05
This week's "Shooting Stars" details have been open to the public for the last two weeks.
According to CBS, they describe the episode as follows:
A middle of the night break-in at a suburban home on the edge of the Vegas desert leads the CSIs to discover an abandoned military compound being used to house a small cult. Once inside, they discover a mass suicide has taken place. However, with 11 bodies and 12 beds, Grissom surmises that the killer may be the one body missing.
The episode was written by and directed by Danny Cannon, who has been a veteran of CSI since the series "Pilot." Cannon also has a new movie coming out, entitiled Goal!.
The following actors can be seen for their talent on the show:
David Phillips: David Berman
Sophia Curtis: Louise Lombard
Hodges: Wallace Langham
Mr. Copeland: Rob Boltin
Mrs. Copeland: Samantha Lemole
Hollywood: Ryan Alvarez
Abigail Sinclair: Clea Duvall
Emma Meyers: Hani Furstenberg
Ty Bentley: Josh Daugherty
Police Officer: Paul Ganus
Mandy Websterk: Sheeri Rappaport
Ryan: James Jordan

Dexter: AJ Trauth
Travel Manager: Molly Brink
Joseph Diamond: Tomas Arana
Henry Andrews: Jon Wellner
Cult Member #1: Cassandra Grae
Mr. Meyers: Daniel Graves
Mrs. Meyers: Laurie O’Brien
Mrs. Spencer: Jeannetta Arnette
Cult Member #2: Corby Sullivan
Cult Member #3: Jana Camp
Cult Member #4: Claudia Katz
Tina Brown: Meta Golding
"Shooting Stars" will air this Thursday, October 13th. For the original press release, visit the Futon Critic