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September 29, 2005

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Posted by Shane Saunders, 12:46 P.M. 09-29-05
Your Attention CSI Fans!
Wow! This past week has been amazing! I really did enjoy the season six premiere, "Bodies in Motion." It's great to see that the cast is back together.
I see the tension between Sofia and Sara already happening. I believe that both of them have affection towards Grissom, and they realize that neither one of them will get to his heart.
Warrick gets married! Holy cow! From what I have read from CSI shippers, they are totally upset over Warrick not continuing a "relationship" towards Catherine... oh well.
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This Week's Episode


"Room Service"


"A cabbie is found dead when his taxi cab is wrapped around a tree. Warrick and Nick look into the death of an up and coming movie star.


You can catch this episode this Thursday at 9 P.M.