Modern Day Sherlock

Upcoming Details for "Room Service"

September 22, 2005

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Posted by Shane Saunders, 3:35, P.M. 09-22-05
CBS this week revealed details on next weeks episode, "Room Service."
"Room Service" will revolve around the case of an up-and-coming movie star, who is found dead in his hotel suite. When Warrick another fellow CSI investigate, they follow the evidence to the hotel kitchen, when it turns out that the immigrants working could have committed the crime. Across town, Grissom and Sara look into the death of a taxi-cab driver, whose car is wrapped around a tree.
"Room Service" was directed by verteran Ken Fink, with a script from Dustin Lee Abraham and Henry Alonso Myers.
The you can expect the following guest cast in "Room Service:"
David Phillips: David Berman
Sophia Curtis: Louise Lombard
Hodges: Wallace Langham
Archie Johnson: Archie Kao
Julian: Eric Winter
Blinky: Jeff D'Agostino
Eva: Kristin Richardson
Samay: Chi Moui Lo
Cab Driver: Paul Statman
Willie: Silas Weir Mitchell
Tally: Alona Tal
Kate: Maite Schwartz
Keo Vipraxay: Art Chudabala
Office Mitchell: Larry Mitchell
MTB Rep: David Kagen
Clerk: Kyle Davis
Noy Vipraxay: Tang Nguyen
Joe Cavanaugh: Paul Dillon
Interpreter: Tess Lina
Attorney: Jerry Weil