Modern Day Sherlock

Limericks 2


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Used with Permission!
Limerick by Christine
There once was a girl named Sara
Who wanted to look like Farrah
With her nose in a book
She got no look
From her favorite forensic fella
Limericks by Anna
There once was a site from Elyse
Where CSI fans said their peace
At days end it was fun
To give it a run
Young Greg asked to study the master
Now he gets to learn so much faster
He made his game tight
Without any fight
And that's how he avoided disaster
Limericks by Larimar
Saw an ugly spider on the floor
Scared, I banged on the door
Saw a can of Raid
Fumbled as I sprayed
'Til Grissom came in and screamed: "No more!".
There once was a guy named Nicky
Who gave a girl a really big hickey
On vacation they went
To California and spent
All day long at Disney with Mickey.
There once was a woman named Yelina
Who dreamt she was a ballerina
Met Horatio's brother
Then became a mother
And arrested a perp at the marina.